Nerve Treatments in Highland,IN

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Nerve Treatments in Highland,IN

Saving a decayed or injured tooth is important to a child’s speech development, chewing and alignment of permanent teeth. When pulp tissue – the nerves, tissue, and blood vessels in the core of a primary tooth – becomes diseased, some or all of the pulp may need to be removed. This procedure is known as children’s root canal therapy or pulp therapy.

  • Pulpotomy. If the disease has not gone into the root, the diseased pulp is removed and the remaining pulp is filled with an antibacterial agent.

A stainless steel crown is placed on the treated tooth to provide structural support.

If the doctor determines that pulp therapy is the best treatment option for the affected tooth, Kurt Halum DMD can perform the therapy in our Highland, Indiana office. Our office is function over aesthetics – our goal is always to save a tooth.