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White Fillings


White Fillings

Primary teeth play a critical part in your child’s development, affecting their ability to:

  • Chew food
  • Develop strong jaw muscles and use of tongue
  • Speak properly
  • Maintain proper spacing for permanent teeth
  • We will forever be an ‘amalgam free office’ and will NEVER offer silver fillings.
  • We only use BPA Free materials.
  • We use fast curing composites with a 12 second cure time.

When a tooth is cracked, disfigured or decayed, a composite (white) filling may be used to restore the tooth to prevent more extensive breakage needing a crown or to keep a primary tooth in place until the permanent tooth erupts. Composite fillings are tooth colored and can be closely matched to the existing tooth color, especially important in more visible areas of the mouth. These fillings are very durable and should last many years, but fillings in permanent teeth will most likely eventually need replacing. Good oral hygiene and regular visits to our office will help fillings last longer and help you enjoy a pain-free, healthy mouth.