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Dental Crowns

plan ahead and you can save money later

Dental Crowns

Baby (primary) teeth are placeholders for the adult teeth, ensuring the adult teeth fit and grow in where they belong. When a primary tooth is decayed or damaged, it may be necessary to put a crown on the tooth to keep it in place until the adult tooth comes through. Depending on the location of the tooth, two types of crowns are available:

  • Stainless steel. The back teeth need extra protection from chewing. Stainless steel crowns are stronger than tooth-colored crowns and normally last until the teeth naturally fall out.
  • Why stainless steel crowns (silver caps)? Possible factors include: young age, long roots, multiple surfaces of a tooth or teeth affected, most durable material in p.dentistry to sustain the amount of time needed till the teeth fall out naturally, standard of care in saving heavily decayed primary teeth.

Taking great care of your child’s teeth now will give them the best chance for healthy adult teeth. Kurt Halum DMD can help you protect your child’s bright smile.